Jul 4, 2007

File format for Printing

When you decide what file format to be printed out on paper, please make sure to choose in Jpg/jpeg format. You may save gif or png on high resolution format, but when you print on paper you will find out the different.

Png or gif is a web format and isn't ideal for print. Most printers will tell you no. So you better choose Jpg/jpeg format.

In Illustrator you can select File -> Save for Web and in Setting box select Jpg with 70 or 80 quality.

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nashville said...

I am using Illustrator CS3 and as I place shaped vector objects with transparent backgrounds (gif) in the file, they appear good but when we print these out, for some reason, the transparent areas print out darkened as if to show the bounding box filled with color. Why won't the transparent areas print transparent instead of including a dark rectangular shape?