Jul 29, 2008

When you bought software from E-bay

Adobe do not confirm valid serials over the phone. Some of the 'customer services' agents have been found to confirm if a serial is _registered_ or not, which is not the same as confirm if the serial is legal or valid. Just because it activates does not mean that it is legal, or belongs to that particular product build.

Amazon is reputable - a question mark hangs over some of the third party sellers on there - especially since some of them are effectively using Amazons product description of the legal product to shift illegal product.

Some of the pirated versions have a hacked activation and registration system that makes it look like it is being activated or registered with Adobe when it isn't. If you use the Adobe registration system, you will get a confirmation screen that says there will be a followup email with a free bonus (font or training video) -- although the email sometimes comes months later. Do you remember getting that screen and the email offer?

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